Wild Chivalrous Hermit-Return of the Pearl Landlord _ txt Novel Paradise

"Good and evil are different" You have received eight or nine of what your father has handed down and if you use it for the right purpose you will be able to resist trouble and defend yourself Because your husband is young I can only teach him one or two out of ten If you learn the flying sword in my school the first is that you are not enough and the second is that a good sword is rare Even your husband will not meet until fifteen years later

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and it will not be easy to practice at that time The third is that your heart is not pure When your husband was studying Taoism he took an oath to be ordained Except when he gave birth to a child in his year he was allowed to succeed him He was not allowed to pass on one person without my orders in order to avoid the shame of my family If he disobeys the rules of our school I will take his head thousands of miles away with a flying sword Although you want to try your best to do good you are not born with evil and you especially like to show off your magic which is not suitable for a true monk Since your husband does not dare to accept what he has learned privately you will not dare to force him if you prevent him from being misled If you only learn the pithy formula for practicing the sword it is useless if you don't know the skill of practicing Qi in Xuanmen With all this it is better not to learn But you did something for me last night and it's rare that you have a lot of perseverance in dealing with changes Besides the puppet that your father refined was originally used to resist the change in his year but now it is used for me Just now Ji Zhenren's words of reward I also have a heart but I don't have many magic weapons Some of them are the relics of my teacher and it's not convenient to give them to you You two don't have this power and it's hard to use them The name of the banner used by the sorceress is Shura Building

Most of the treasures in the Demon Sect are refined by the sacrifice of living souls This banner is the treasure of Zhenshan Mountain refined by Jiupanpo It is an exception Although it does not harm human lives it has five thousand-year-old spirits attached to it These spirits are now sleeping at the bottom of Xichuan Xiaojinshan Houtian Demon Cave They are not dead but there is a gold nail embedded in the handle of the banner which is connected with the soul of the evil female master and disciples Once her master and disciples were reborn the banner would fly back as soon as they raised their hands and the person holding the banner would also suffer I have taken this nail in the present Dharma and given you the banner Although its power will be reduced a lot it can be used forever without future trouble Have such a thing is much better than your puppet You two hold it and hide it tightly Don't act rashly Wait for your father to take it when he is in trouble fifteen years later Then he passed on the usage and handed it over to Xiang Xuan As soon as the gold nail was gone the banner was no longer changed and the usage was also very simple When using it you only need to pinch Taiyi Lingjue by hand and use the method of Xuanmen Forbidden System to prevent it from being eaten back by it carelessly and then flutter to the enemy which has its own wonderful experience Xiangxuan first stood aside and memorized one by one because the laughing monk did not make her avoid passing on the sword Unexpectedly the laughing monk forbade her to learn in vain She was so sad that she burst into tears Suddenly she was given a rare treasure in the Demon Sect She was overjoyed and worshipped him The laughing monk added "This banner was originally used For one thing I'm not a member of the Demon Sect so I didn't teach people to do evil For another such usage is very poisonous" What I said just now is the most appropriate but although the spirit on the banner is alien it is not easy to practice penance until now It is not a crime to be imprisoned by evil poison and driven to evil After you use it to rescue your father's soldiers you can send this banner to the back mountain of Emei with your husband as soon as possible Is it not a good thing for me to examine in detail the behavior and power of these spirits so that their souls can be restored and they can cross over so that they will not be trapped in evil spirits and sink for a long time You and I are supposed to have little hope of seeing each other again so we still have to see each other again after fifteen years At this time if the disciple is striving to cultivate himself after parting
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I will have my own kindness Even you as long as you do not use what you have learned to help evil you will benefit a lot from it Fairy fate is rare so don't mistake yourself When Banweng and his wife heard this they were naturally respectful and respectful Just as the three of them were talking they heard the sound of the sky flying overhead from the southwest and a few rays of light fell straight down on the cliff Then they heard Ji Zhenren say to the man on the cliff "Elder Martial Brother Xiao is now teaching his disciples under the cliff" Younger martial brothers and sisters let's go to Zhiguan Middle School and sit down Greet each other as if four or five people came the voice is very happy both men and women When Banweng and his wife saw the master they were also overjoyed They knew that all the immortals of the same generation as the master were coming Their hearts were pounding They wished they could see him but they didn't dare to ask him Then they heard a young man say in an accent "Go and wait in the temple" Let me first see what high feet Elder Martial Brother Xiao has received Another woman laughed and said "There's no harm in going to see him Brother Zhi will go with him too Don't give up the gift of meeting him"

As he spoke his voice faded away as if he had entered the view In the twinkling of an eye a red light flew down from the cliff and a young man with a face like a crown jade fell to the ground holding a little boy of three or four years old with a gold ring around his neck shorts shoes and bare feet The young man was valiant and handsome and the baby was even more like Qiongyu He was born to deceive the frost and compete with the snow He melted the powder and congealed the fat He had long eyebrows and starry eyes He was black and white with red lips and jade teeth He looked like a God in the sky How could there be such a thing in the world There was only one strange thing his hair and eyebrows were all silvery and his figure was very light and strong As soon as he fell to the ground he picked himself up from the young man's arms and rushed straight to the chest of the laughing monk Ban-weng and his wife had expected the master to be
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a good friend Without waiting to be greeted they knelt down and saluted They thought to themselves This child looks quite similar to a young man Could it be that immortals also raise sons Fang was confused when he suddenly saw the master holding the baby in his arms He said to the boy with a smile "Brother Cicada is really naughty Why did you bring him all the way out Aren't you afraid of being plotted by evil spirits" "We haven't seen each other for more than ten years" said the boy with a smile "Do you think he's the same as before Since the opening of the mansion the master has respected him sincerely and passed on a lot of magic to him All the senior teachers and uncles also loved him especially the white-haired Dragon Lady Cui Wugu and Uncle Yi I don't know how many bargains they picked up and how many benefits they got Otherwise how could they grow so big Now Hugh said that he had a treasure and was proficient in the changes of Xuangong People could not be hurt Even if he was a little worse he would suffer even if he met him! Because he has been rescued by me since he was a child he has become more and more intimate and never left me and he always likes me to hold him This time because he had not seen you for many years and knew that I had been ordered to help him he wanted me to come here and meet you Just in case I borrowed a shuttle from nine days and ten places When we broke up he would travel back to the mountain from the underground Who could hurt him My heart was always dressed up in the past but my mother didn't allow me to do so However when I grew up I was reluctant to give up my appearance in the past so I taught him to learn from me According to my dress in those days only my hair hasn't changed for the better Do you think so The laughing monk said with a smile "I didn't expect Zhi Xian to be so diligent in Taoism I'm really impressed every three days"

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